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Craig grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Design Engineering. After only 4 years of using his training in combining both form & function, he moved into the emerging PC industry where he spent the next 21 years helping engineering colleagues, designers, architects, and construction industries. 

In 2000, he relocated to Southern California, where he again focused on the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) markets, and continued until 2008 when his desire to help others grew beyond day-to-day management, sales, and/or marketing. It was then that he started a full-service presentation consulting company which focused on helping sales teams, marketers, and training departments become more effective.  Through the study of cognitive behavior, Craig again combined form (how a presentation may look) with function (how they can effectively convert more audience members to paying customers). His services continued to grow into sales training and strategy, as well as strategic and digital marketing consulting, with occasional journeys into management strategy. 

Yet, through it all, Craig continued to remodel his homes, help redesign new homes, and felt a calling back to the home building/architecture world. While looking for new homes after the recession, Craig realized many real estate agents lacked basic sales professionalism, knowledge, and vision…and realized his next path: real estate. Specifically, he wanted to help people enjoy the excitement of purchasing a new home, or renovating an older one. 

Craig’s design/DIY experience and ability to envision something beyond the surface - his simple belief in professionalism, and treating the customer how he would want to be treated - his knowledge of the industry and many of the different geographic locations within Southern California (thanks to an addiction to driving for Uber/Lyft) - his understanding of the trepidation of moving, whether across town or across the country - and his outgoing, fun, and optimistic personality all contribute to making YOUR home buying experience a positive one moving forward! 

When Craig is not working, he loves spending time cycling, or at the park (probably playing Frisbee) with his dogs. He has done over 50 triathlons, including 2 full Ironman distance events. He also enjoys watching movies (you'll often hear him throwing out movie lines) or attending events at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, traveling, or visiting with family and/or friends. 

He also has been a full service presentation consultant (strategy, design, and coaching) for the past 10 years - working with many salespeople and trainers at companies in the aerospace and healthcare fields. 

Most of all, he truly believes in taking advantage of the unique opportunities that living in Southern California provides!

Besides being an award winning salesperson, Craig is also a two (2) time Ironman Triathlon finisher (Ironman Canada, 2000 and Ironman California, 2001)

Craig graduated with a degree in Design Engineering from Northern Illinois University. There he focused on architectural and materials (specifically, plastics) as well as extra curricular activities such as governing 1200 fraternity members as the Inter Fraternity Council President, as well as working with the University administration as a liaison to the greek community. He was also selected to participate in a search for the new University President, as well as be a part of a multi-organizational think tank committee.

While he began his career designing slot machines, and then moving into plastic fasteners, it only took a couple of years as the personal computing revolution began, and Craig decided to migrate his career into sales & marketing hardware and software to his fellow engineering and architectural colleagues. For the next 26 years, Craig worked with many within those industries, such as construction, engineering, architectural, automotive engineers, and for the past years, with aerospace engineers selling highly technical software (computational fluid dynamics, computer aided design, plastic molding, and even motion simulation software packages). 

Personally, he migrated from being a casual cyclist and occasional 5K runner, to starting with sprint distance (400 yd swim, 25 mile bike, 5k run) triathlons, and eventually moving up to marathons and Ironman distance (2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, and 26.2 mi run) triathlons. He even went and became a certified massage therapist while taking time off from the corporate world.

However, eventually his love of architecture and building continued to draw him back. While looking for homes with his now long time ex-girlfriend, he realized the poor quality of salesmanship from so many real estate agents, and thought it was intriguing enough to go get licensed. Upon getting his license, Craig interviewed with 12 different brokerages, and eventually selected First Team for it's unique value proposition - being able to sell more customers homes in Orange County, while representing more buyers, and doing all of it faster and for more money than the remainder of the industry.

Now Craig enjoys meeting buyers and sellers, and looks forward to helping them get the very best deals or make the most amount of money possible.

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